Our 2023 Exhibitors

C-15 Aerolite Meteorites
C-2, C-3 African Arts and Minerals Inc.
C-1 Amazigh Minerals
C-16 American Fossil/ Fossil Shack
B-10 Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences (AAPS)
B-12 Black Hills Institute of Geological Research
B-5 Cambrian.Life
T-15 Crate Craft
C-17 Crystal World
B-4 Custom Paleo
C-6 Dinosaur Gem Bone and Turquoise
B-4 Eurofossils
T-5 Foothills Boxes Inc., The
B-11 Fossilogic LLC
C-19 Ginkgo Gem Shop
B-13 Gold Nugget Exports
T-6 Heart of the Mountain
T-4 Holguin Mexican Minerals
T-11 Il Re
C-18 In The Beginning Fossils Inc.
C-8 Infinity Trading
C-12 Japheth Boyce Fossils
C-11b Jurassic Dreams
B-15 Korite International
T-8 La Concha
C-14 Lindgren Fossils LLC
B-3 Lowcountry Geologic
C-7 Lowcountry Geologic LLC
T-3 Madagascar Stones (Pelloux)
T-2 Madagascar Treasures (Gilles)
C-4 Malcom Alter Minerals
C-13 Memory of Time
B-8 Meteorite Metals
B-14 Murph's Petrified Wood
C-9, C-10 Nord Fossil LLC
C-11a Outerspacer Meteorites
B-6 Paleo Facts
B-7 Paleo Tools
B-9 Paleo Web
T-9 Rising Aurora
T-12, T-13 ROCK 3000
C-5 Rock Deco
T-1 Sahara Overland
B-1, R-2 Sahara Overland
B-2 Warfield Fossils
T-14 Weelainy Glass